My name is Alex, and I am a Freelance Photographer based in Boston, MA.

My focus with Photography is: 

  • Portraitures 
  • Fashion
  • Weddings
  • Street Photography
  • Landscapes
  • Cityscapes

I am an extremely good listener and use this to my advantage, to make sure I am meeting my clients needs and vision. I am also very goofy and easy to get along with, which makes people comfortable when first meeting me.

Some people go their whole life without knowing what they want to be, and I thought I was going to end up with the same conclusion. But when I decided to take the path of becoming a Photographer, I knew I made the right decision. I now wake up every day excited about what I will create; I feel excited about life. There is something inside me that is pushing me to want to get better and better everyday at my craft. 


Nothing makes me happier than creating.